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This weeks prompt was to in 1000 words or less capture this: “You are trapped (alone or with others) in a single location during the fury and/or aftermath of a blizzard of historic proportions.” And yes, Sam and Ben are back.

As my eyes fly open I realize that it’s too quiet. Way too quiet, like end of the world quiet, far beyond a hush into the deafening dampened pressure that feels like suffocating.  What the hell? Where is Ben? How did I not wake up when he left? How does one sleep through a person getting out of a sleeping bag and leaving a two person tent? Clearly, my Dad’s right and I can sleep through anything.

I don’t want to unzip the tent. I know what’s out there. A winter wonderland of disaster. I told him we were cutting it too close to the end of the season. There is a reason that people train for Mount Everest on this huge oddly shaped piece of rock   Mount Rainier. Stubborn. He’s so stubborn. I should have been more stubborn. Put my foot down, as my father would say. We aren’t prepared for full-blown snow camping. Everything is water-resistant but not waterproof and once things start to get wet we are screwed. If we die out here I’m going to fucking kill him. I wonder if he went looking for a ranger station. Is that wishful thinking? I wish he were here. Well, maybe not. Here versus saving the day. Admittedly, I’ll have to go with saving the day. Do I want to see how bad it is? I do, but is it more important to keep what heat we have? I’m going to kill him. Seriously. Dead boyfriend. Deep fried boyfriend. I could go for fried chicken right now. Mashed potatoes, the whole nine. It really is irritating that the food that tastes so good, is so bad for you. It’s not a very nice trick. Really, Sam, food? You are thinking about food now?

Alright, get up, go out and assess the situation. I hate peeing in the snow, leaving the evidence behind, dirty. Oh, wow. Breathtaking. I’m not much for landscape photography, but wow, I wish there was a way I could show this to people. It’s like a fairyland and diamond dust has fallen from the sky to set everything a glitter. So beautiful, so deadly. Another trick, like the chicken trick. It doesn’t even feel that cold out here. Maybe that’s a trick too, to lure us warm-blooded creatures to our deaths. Nature staking its claim, reminding us not so gently that we are just brief visitors here. Why aren’t the animals out and about? Is this just a break in the storm?

Footprints. Where are Ben’s footprints? It’s not windy, they should still be in the snow. Maybe it was windy earlier, when I was sleeping like a winterland princess. I should make sure that everything essential is sealed in the waterproof bags. I want tea. Should I make tea or save the fuel in case we really need it later? I can wait. I’ll wait until Ben gets back because he is coming back. He did not abandon me here to freeze to death, to turn into a human statue covered in diamond glitter, a static warning for all the non believers. The absolute stillness of no wind, no birds, no leaves rustling, well obviously on the leaves part, is setting my teeth on edge. Maybe I’m dead. I guess that wouldn’t be so bad, if this is death. Though, obviously I am not in heaven, since I’m all alone and I like being alone but not for all of eternity. That part of the sky does not look good and it’s heading this way. Ben better not get caught out there in a storm. I feel like a wimp for feeling this, but I want my boyfriend. Seriously. Where is he? The wind is picking up. I better get back inside.  Hey God, if you are listening, please send Ben back to me, I don’t want to do this alone.