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Sci-Fi Thursday! To catch up: Billy’s been kidnapped and Sci and crew have been instructed to meet the kidnapper at dusk.


“Which five are we taking?” Tyler asks.

“Obviously, Jessica, because it’s supposed to be a trade, and when push comes to shove she’s alright with her sling shot and can take care of herself hand-to-hand. Marc, Colin and Chryse are my first choices, but I can’t force anyone to go.” Tyler raises an eyebrow. “I can’t take you. I need you alive to run this place and lead these people if this is just an execution. I need you and some of the other more stealthy movers to take out their people that they will undoubtedly have positioned near the cemetery.”


“I know. I did what I had to, I was protecting us, however that is cold comfort for us all right this second.”

“Sci…” he says again. And I can see the ache in his eyes, but all I have right now is a ball of cold steel rolling around my guts and I just wish it were time already. I take one more sprig of mint and head back down the stairs.

When I enter the courtyard I’m surprised to see everyone still in it. The air is hushed and many are now sitting, but they have been waiting for me. I survey them, both sizing up and wishing that I could simply transport us away from this moment. I clear my throat to speak when Chryse says, “You tell us what and who you need and we will get it done.” I turn towards her voice. Chryse is not a large woman but she is imposing and as no-nonsense as her body which is a well-toned, trained, killing machine. There is never wasted energy in Chryse’s movements or in her speech. She has high cheekbones and a strong jaw line, which is now jutted defiantly at me. Her gray-green eyes flash and I can see the white tips of her teeth just grazing her lower lip.

“I’m asking for volunteers. I need three to go with Jessica and I and then Tyler needs a group as well. I don’t suppose that I need to tell anyone just how dangerous this is, and I will …”

“You’re right, you don’t need to tell us. Who do you want?” Chryse interrupts.

“You, Marc and Colin are with me, the others talk to Tyler.”

We group up near the weapons cage. “Guns?” Asks Chryse.

“No, Toby and Ulysses are already in position and Tyler’s crew will take some but we need to leave a few here for protection just in case they are trying to take the compound as well.” Marc whistles. “I know, it isn’t ideal, but it will have to do.”

“We are walking in blind.” Colin says.

“Yes, yes we are.”

We take our weapons of choice and start warming our bodies up. Our reaction time is now what will keep us alive. Monica stops us and forces us to drink broth and then tea. As much as we may not feel it, we need fuel in our veins.

Finally, it is time. Tyler and his group have already left.  We step out of the gates and as Shiva is closing it he says, “Stay alive.” We nod back and start walking in the shadows cast by the setting sun.