This weeks writing prompt from The Red Dress Club was: This weeks prompt is all about character development. We’d like you to write about what your character wants most. Do you know what you want most? Does your character? Write a piece of 600 words or less and come back to link up here Friday. I continued with Queen Snow White’s story which began with Candy Apple Red, Curses, Statis, and Lust and Wishes. This piece can stand alone, all you need to know is that she poisoned her mother and was cursed for it.

Queen Snow White sighs as she leans her head back, trying to drink in the warmth of the last rays the sun will gift today. Though, she is mostly recovered from the courses of curses, there remains a constant residual fear of them returning and a metallic taste of melancholy taints her tongue.

Her advisors sent word to kingdoms both far and wide informing them that the Queen was in search of a husband. Queen Snow White unconventionally wants to be married and can’t bear the thought of being bonded to someone who knew what had befallen her, and why. She needs a fresh start, a way to begin anew as Queen Snow White, to guide and rule her people and care for her complicated land. She knows that bucking against the convention of bearing her heirs without a husband, bearing them outside of the rituals, will cost her some of her subjects’ love, but so strong is her need to differentiate herself from her beloved and popular mother.

Queen Snow White smooths the front of her dress with hands now fully repaired and begins to descend the slick, black stone stairs of the white hall for dinner. She’s aware of the tips of the blue shoes peaking out from under her white hem with every stride and finds that instead of turning right into the dining hall, her toes point left and she’s surprisingly walking out of the castle and down a stone path heading for the woods. The further from the castle she gets, the faster her pace, until finally she picks up the skirt of her dress and begins to run. She breaths in air of wild abandon, her hair streaks out behind her, barely visible in the darkened wood, her face glows with the momentary happiness of childhood memories and for one moment she feels clean.

She reaches the sacred clearing, still so startling a gift in the middle of hostile woods. The soft blue grass shimmers like the surface of water as moonlight dances among the blades. The graceful golden vines that twine themselves around the ancient birch branches are heavy with the purple night flowers and the air is lightly perfumed. She can hear the buzz of the woodnyths as they diligently continue their work on the bark of trees. Messages to later be interpreted. In the center of the clearing is a raised crystal slab, large enough to hold two full size adults lying side by side. The crystal glows and Queen Snow smiles as she remembers how many times she has used its light as a beacon for safety when she had stayed too long in the woods.

Resting her hand on the slab, she feels its pulsating warmth. The beat spreads from her fingers, until her heart matches it and she’s dimly aware of her swaying rhythm as she stretches herself prone.

What do you want?


As do we all.

Unblemished love.

All things are clean until they are not.

Unconditional love.

Which you once had.

The dam breaks and Queen Snow feels fully the enormity of what she has done. She feels the warmth of her mother’s hand as it guides her during her first steps. She sees love and laughter in her mother’s eyes as she gazed down listening fully and intently to all of her childhood hurts. She feels the cool breath, and touch of her mother’s lips on her forehead as she kisses her goodnight, like she did every night, even long past when Queen Snow White wanted her to. She basks in the light of her mother’s pride and knows that the one thing she wants most, she can never have.

I want my mother.

We know.