Fiction Friday! This weeks prompt was:The happy ending. It’s what we all hope for, isn’t it? We all want everything to be neatly tied up in a bow. In fiction, this can be, well, a little boring. Or predictable. This week, we’d like you to write a scene that includes a happy ending – it doesn’t have to be the actual END of your story, if you’re working on continuations, but it should include at least one challenge for your hero to overcome.

Surprise us. Don’t give us what we expect.

This piece stands alone, however if you want to read the entire series (and I, of course, would love that!)  it started with Candy Apple Red, Curses, Statis, Lust and Wishes, and Floods.

Queen Snow White was bored. She had thought that the process of choosing a husband was going to be more interesting than it was. Man after man was paraded in front of her. Some old, some young, some rich, some not, but not one of them sparked any interest in the Queen and secretly she worried that something was broken within her.

Currently, she was resisting throwing her legs over the arm of the throne and resting her head on the other letting her long black hair trail down to make swirls in the frosted floor like she did when young. Though, she resisted the action, her frustrated boredom betrayed itself in the tapping of her left foot. Every time the ball of her foot struck the floor a puff of frost would fly up and Queen Snow White whether consciously or not had been changing her rhythm and thus the pattern of the clouds for a good while.

A nod from her advisor let her know that the next prospect was about to come through the doors. The tall silver and white carved doors opened and before she saw him, she felt him. Her heart and stomach lurched, almost tossing her to her knees and static buzzed in her head, whispers crowding in, people she didn’t know, not memories but something akin to them. She struggled to her feet and unaware gasped out loud.

He strode into the hall as tall as any man she had seen, his hair a deep copper that captured the light warming the yellow streaks at his temples and crown. His hair was long, longer than hers and bound in a tail with what seemed an impossibly flexible metal wire. Though tall, he was not broad, but lean and dangerous like an arrow. His eyes were orange and the iris was surround by the same yellow that was in his hair. His skin was bronzed and his arms were streaked with ochre tattoos.

Behind him strode a large animal, vaguely catlike. Its ears were narrow and stood upright ending in what seemed like long feathers. Its tail was spiked and the claws were leaving rather large divots in the floor with a great deal of ease. Though terrifying in appearance, the creature did not seem concerned with anyone in the room except for the man of bronze. And though it seemed impossible he seemed to be melting ice of the floor,

Shhhhh. Do not fret over my Phenoia, we are bonded, he will cause no harm to anyone who isn’t trying to harm me.

Though she could hear his voice in her head, she could see that his lips weren’t moving and panic surged through her body.

Calm. Calm. Try and focus on my voice.

Why can I hear you in my head?

You do not know what you are?

Queen Snow shook her head.

Your mother did not tell you?

Tears spilled from her eyes.

Ah, well. Perhaps she did not know. It is the custom in these lands for the Queen to not necessarily know who was the father of her heir, yes?

Frantically, Queen Snow nodded.

Then perhaps she did not know either.

What is happening?

You are half Raotherian. This is why you can hear me. We can hear each other in our minds when we want to. Most of us learn early to block out the noise, for fear of getting lost to the voices. You will learn.

Utterly compelled, Queen Snow White walked towards this alien creature, and began to reach her cool fingers towards the warmth of this man. The Phenoia stepped between them.

Careful. We Raotherians bond for life. If you touch me our connection will never be broken, I will not be able to choose another.

What is your name?


Resting one hand on the slick fur of the Phenoia, Queen Snow reached with the other and grasped firmly the hot skin of his forearm and knew that she was home.

Deep in the woods by the glow of the crystal alter the Wiccan Wise smiled.