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Fiction Friday! This weeks prompt was:  Flash Fiction can be fun and a real challenge. This week focus on the words and the strength of each to contribute to your story. Write a 300 word piece using the following word for inspiration: LIFE.

This felt a little like cheating, because I did continue a longer story, but I did try to tell about just one moment.

The green flames flicker as she takes it all in. It is stillest in the ice, lurking, waiting, gathering, imbued with glacial patience.

The steam rising from the mica and onyx rich sands of Raotheri lift it to the wind, spreading it far and wide.

The Phenoia carry it like dust on their fur, gathered from the dense black forests of their mating and hunting grounds, where a compulsion forces them to return once a year. Only the bonded, through their connection, know what happens in the inky, thick, hot shadows. All other attempts to enter end in sudden, violent and displayed death. A warning, a reminder, of an oft forgotten intelligence.

The bone temples of the lands to the east, the lands that most pretend aren’t there, are woven so thickly with it, generation layered on top of generation, that when she casts that way, the temple’s ferocious glow causes Ochriese to wince, forcing her away more quickly than she wants. Her curiosity stirs and once again she wonders how much of the tales told of their ways is myth designed to keep foreigners scared and far away.  One day, she vows.

Tiny lights, like stars flicker and speckle it all, floating, winking in and out, because the young of all species, have at least a little. But not all life is equal and some are given more than others, some stronger or longer, some brighter or denser. Casting out she searches for a thick string, one that is worthy of her time and effort. She looks, yearning to strum, pluck, twist, contort, bend and change. Half admonishing herself, she shrugs; she does do such terrible things when she is bored.