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This weeks prompt from the lovely folks at The Red Dress Club was: For this week, take what you know out of your comfort zone. Try a new genre, a new time period, a geography you’ve only dreamed of, fantasy or historical instead of contemporary fiction, try the male POV if you usually write women. Or vice versa.  Switch it up. See where it takes you. Let’s keep the word count to 600.

Yea, so I took this really literally, and went way, way outside my comfort zone. And if I thought I struggled last week, that was nothing compared to this! For context: so far we know that Alice (who is a sentient animal) has to go home to her forest once a year. This is it, from her point of view. For those folks who aren’t caught up with the Snow White story, but would like to be, just click on the tab above and all parts will drop down.

Alice pulls scent of Dark Ash Forest deep in lungs.

Hold in. Release. Again.


Part home. Syten, laughing, orange/yellow furred, loyal ‘man,’ other part home.

Feel Syten’s wanting run/heal with but understanding no.

Share tiny part elation with him.

Syten smile, good. Laughing ‘man.’

Chose well.


Clan/pack/pride/flock scent on wind.

Running edge of forest, barely ahead of Burning Dark.

Playing, leaping, biting, swiping, hooking, smoking, screaming. Showing skills.

Dangerous play. Very close.

Maybe, weak, forgetting Phenoian part too much.

Push down feeling, body heavy/slow if mind weighed with thoughts/feelings.

Not the time.


Flexing paws, stretching back, Thumping tail, sharpening spikes.

Ready to run. Stride. Stretch.

One chance to join clan/pack/pride/flock. Run. Run.

No worries about ground here, like floors, even ice floors.

Shiver. Ice hard on Syten too.


Clan so fast, ash barely stir, leaves hang still.

Radiant Pride.

My clan strong, light, endure.

In mind, part Syten can’t hear;

Alice! Alice! Home! Alice!

Crouching, coiled, ready.

Low tenor notes, rising up.

Clan begin home song.

Once a year song.

Together song.


Coming. Coming. Now!

Spring, legs pumping, digging.

Hurry! Hurry! Please!

Notes come closer, falling close to ears.

Feel 1st pain/free slash of deep claws down back.

Fur splits, blood steams.

Stumble, No! Focus. Listen.

Notes of clan song aid/push.

Feel 2nd pain/free slash.

Sides/ribs spasm, bones shift.

Scanning for hook tree.

Ahead. Stretching neck forward.

Waiting, needing/wanting final slash.

It comes.


Back open. Front claws dig, grab hook tree.

Pulling up, more up, higher, higher!

Find tall strong limb. There.

Swing tail hard. Stick in wood.

Fling body, like taught. Scared/ trusting/excited.

Land Body flying through air.

Burning Dark racing close behind.

Bringing scent of smoke/death/renewal.


Wings pop free. Snap open, soaring.

Higher, higher, join clan/pack/pride/flock. Touch minds.

Become more than just one.

Joined we fly swift to our Aerie Home,

Free of the ground.

Free of fur.

Finally, free of pretense.