For this weeks Fiction Friday we were supposed to: Do you have a favorite Red Writing Hood post you’ve done? Here’s your chance to get it a second look. Link up the favorite one you’ve done – and if you’ve only done RemembeRED, feel free to link your favorite that you’ve written.

The original prompt for this was to write a story each sentence starting with the letters of the alphabet A-Z. I picked this one because the story developed in such a surprising way and remains fresh when I reread it. I was going to edit it for this post, because it does contain a number of run on sentences, given the restriction of the prompt, but decided to leave it.

Ascension was never an idea that Meredith had ever given much thought to until a few days back. Beatrice has been blathering on and on about the concept of ascension after their book club, holding court with the other girls as usual even though Meredith had been hosting which honestly seemed the height of bad manners. Conceptually, ascension isn’t a difficult one, until one stops to think about what that is actually supposed to look like. Deep down, and even though she would never admit it, certainly not to the girls, Meredith wasn’t even one hundred percent sure that God himself even existed. Eternity, heaven, bliss, nirvana, omnipotence were words that made Meredith feel over run, as if the vessel of her brain, her spirit, wasn’t large enough to hold the full light of such ideas, and her husband Joseph often told her not to bother with such things, that better men than her had already worked out the details. Falling back on the opinions of others however seemed lazy to Meredith and she figured that she owed whatever powers that be at least the effort at understanding.

Glory was something that Meredith could understand, the glory of battle, winning a contest, getting into college, glory was a wonderful blue and white marbled light that surrounded the people graced with it like a perfectly clear sky decorated with puffed white clouds. Hate, she could equally see, hanging off people like gray dead vines shot through with red, wrapped around their limbs slowing them down by weighing them down. Instinctually, Meredith had never told another soul the things that she saw when she looked real close at people. Joseph would have her locked away in the looney bin in a hot second if she were ever stupid enough to tell him such things and Meredith was not stupid.

Knowing more that she should about the people around her often made her feel fatigued beyond all repair. Looking the other way, trying not to see didn’t help Lord knows she had tried. Meredith often wondered why if she could see people’s secrets why she couldn’t see God, especially if he is supposed to be everywhere in every thing. “Never mind, never mind. Stop it, you are going to drive yourself crazy,” Meredith hissed to herself. Only she couldn’t never mind, she knew herself well enough to know that she had to let the thought run its course before it would let her sleep.

Pursuing ascension, she made herself tea, sat in her chair by the window in her kitchen, closed her eyes and let her mind roam. Questing, she called it when she reached for the zero horizon in her mind, the place where all things felt possible even if only for a fleeting second. Reaching past where she had felt herself before, past the place where sometimes she forgot her body, she heard a rushing and felt a lightness. Seductive and dangerous, she thought as she felt a warmth climbing her corporeal self, starting strangely at her fingertips. Taking in one long shuttering breath she tried to breathe out the shackles of reality and let in the universe and whatever it had to tell her. Underneath the warmth that was spreading now across her chest was a message that she couldn’t quite grasp like a clue on a treasure map. Very slowly she tried to climb to the source of that message. Waving away the fear that was trying to pull her back down she focused herself even further even though she knew she had to stop soon. Xanthanes were the only colors to describe what she saw now, brilliant almost unnatural yellows and blues swirling making shapes then dissipating. Yearning, such yearning to capture this moment, knowing that later she wouldn’t remember it all, just how it felt. Zealously, she tried once more, letting herself stay just one more moment, then she saw it, the zenith and she let everything else go.