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This week from Trifecta the prompt was: Blue: low in spirits : melancholy.

I wove it into the 1st Sci-Fi Land installment since, well, since forever ago. Clare only showed up in the last two, if interested you can catch up by reading the Sci-Fi Lands on the right.

I’m trying to decide whether to write the Queen Snow or the Sci-Fi Land for Camp NaNoWriMo…so I’m torturing myself by writing both…

Sci sits on the roof in a lone folding chair whose green plaid straps sag under her weight. It like many things in this post-world, is barely hanging on. The growing boxes are stripped bare. The last five days have been a furious preparation for departure. It’s now or never. Caught between the weather and being hunted, Sci can’t help but feel the sickle tip of the Grim Reaper pressing against the small of her back.

She is leaving some people behind, the weak and the unwilling. As depressing as it is to leave them to their fates, fates for which she sees nothing but bleakness, Sci heaves a sigh admitting that is not the source of her ache.  She listens to sounds of her people below. She can hear Ulysses barking orders, Tyler’s rumble, and Shiva’s growl. Closing her eyes she breathes in the dusty scent of spent soil and mourns the loss of her home.  Here she has been useful, here she has found folks cut from the same cloth, kin, family. And love, she admits as she hears Tyler’s rumble again. She thinks of Jessica’s mint tea, and Monica’s stew. Her nose tingles and her throat tightens. Swallowing, she closes her eyes and gives her head a quick shake.

“You look a bit blue,” says Clare.

Sci starts. Getting up to the roof silently is impressive. Whether Clare is friend or foe has yet to be determined.

“I’d say we all have reason enough for that these days,” Sci responds.
“Fair enough,” says Clare.
“Have you decided? Staying or going?” asks Sci.
“Going, but I have to ask, why would you take us, why would you risk it?”
“You and I, we are of the same weave, as a result I would do for you as I would want done for me.”

Clare nods sharply and retreats. Sci feels the cloud lift away as she remembers that home is where your kin are, not where you house them.