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This weeks challenge from the folks at WoE was:Your goal is to make them active in a short scene, either fiction or non-fiction. You can choose one, two, or all three to play with, but you only have 100 words.

    1. [he/she/I] was devastated by […]
    2. [feeling] was experienced by […]
    3. [person/thing] was possessed by […]

The instinct to flee possessed Alice so fully; she nearly betrayed herself and the Elder. She experienced her communication with him through a sensing.

Calm! She will destroy us both. Making this all for naught.

Devastated and helpless, all Alice could do was watch the Wiccan devour fate after fate, robbing child after child of the very essence of their lives. She would not close her eyes. She would bear witness to this evil. The elder held her fast, silently absorbing the salt water of her tears as they ran into his bark.