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So, I’m not going to lie, I have been debating whether to put this up after reading everyone else’s take on the prompt. I took a totally different and now what feels bizarre approach to it, but I’m taking the risk!



I want to spin tales of the fantastic and take flight on wings. (Alice)

To lay with the protagonist in a field of white bones and celebrate graceful evil. (Lord Aranan)

To hang three moons in the sky and for darkness to fall. (Ailanthea)

For the heroine to be lost and then maybe found, we’ll see. (Snow White now named Nivin, Queen of Ascial)

I want you to trust me to set you free in my imagined worlds.

I want you to gasp when you turn the last page, read the last word and demand more.

For my only job to be creating lands, myths, and animals that talk.

For my dreams to turn not only into money but places you dream of too.

To meet you there on the sands of Cymera or the Ash Forests of Raotheria and laugh breathlessly.