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Shiny dusk slippered feet dance en pointe on the heart of a black eyed susan. Twirling and twisting her raven down skirt flares at her waist. Her arms sheathed in oil slick satin gloves are raised above her head in a perfect arc. Her joy dusts the air with mica flecks marring the perfect pastel piles of her brethren’s twinkling dust. A ribbon of black diamond sparkling in an Easter rainbow.

“Why oh why can’t you be like the others?” cry her cadre.

She shrugs an ivory shoulder shifting slightly the tiny midnight bows that decorate her porcupine quilled bodice. She doesn’t understand the question and twirls marring still.

“Why oh why can’t you pick a green, a purple, even a blue?”

She drops from her toes to her heels, frowning and straightens the seams of her shimmering stockings that hug and slide up and around the curves her calves. Not knowing why they can’t see what she sees, why she dresses herself all in black and doubting herself a little, she stays silent taking up her dance again, her joy diminished.

“Why oh why must you make us send you away?”

They cannot take away what makes her Fae, they cannot clip her spider web wings or steal her magic so with tears in their eyes they send her to the edge of what is known where her black fairy dust can blemish no more.

Instead of punished she is freed, without question or plea, to twirl and twist balancing and weaving the colors of the universe into perfect black. She beckons a black swallow tail and whispers this, a message carried across time and distance so her sisters know to cry for her no longer.

Inspired by: Black: Dressed in Black.