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Julius knew he might have taken it a step too far when he claimed Clara’s soul for his boss. Their rights to it were dubious but he really didn’t think that the other boss would send his new right hand man to exact revenge personally. New being a relative term of course. Julius would be flattered except he’s uncomfortably chained in the crater of Mount Etna. He snorts derisively at the obvious locale, but what’s really got his blood up is Danyek’s gloating.

“I knew this day would come. The day when he’d finally let me rid the world of you.”
“You know what I admire about you Danyek? You don’t mind being the alternate, and play the game with gusto even though you know you never would have made the short list without the times being what they are. Even your name is recycled, morning star,” drawls Julius.
“Yet, I’ll still be shining when the lava flows over you searing and roasting you to ash,” sneers Danyek. “Unlike my kind, you demons have limits. Bon voyage un connard.”

Danyek floats up just high enough to witness but not get a speck of ash in his pristine white wings. Seriously, still with the white and wings?

Flutters of nerves dance across Julius’ belly but Lady Luck, as that old goat goes by these days owes him big. However deals with tricksters are shaky at best and the goat only gets involved when the changed outcome amuses him. Fickle are the hearts of Pagans, Julius thinks as Etna burps and spews forth her bowels yet again. As the lava begins to flow his hands and feet start to tingle painfully, a sensation that spreads encasing and protecting him and while the lava flows painfully over Julius, he vows not only to survive but to thrive so he can wipe from this universe the twinkling of the latest morning star, self-righteous second string prig that his is.

Inspired By: Survive: 3: to continue to function or prosper despite : withstand