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Clara’s holding up remarkably well given her instant transport to the Amiens Cathedral and she now kneels, the perfect picture of the penitent.

“Do I have to do this?” whispers Clara.
“No. If you want your corruption healed, yes.”

Though Julius thinks that dangling the soul that ignited this little feud is enough to get Danyek here, he isn’t banking on that alone. It took weeks to strip all the grace from the intension hanging near the altar. That’s all corruption is really, the undoing of the other bosses grace. Most humans don’t get that; if they did they might realize that resistance isn’t futile.

Sure enough, Danyek arrives in a beam of heavenly light and frowns at Clara but his eyes flicker to the drained thurible and he steps past her to investigate. First he sniffs it, then he plucks a feather from his wing and uses that to touch it.

Just as Danyek pulls back his feather losing interest Clara says, “I can see you.”

Danyek’s head rotates 180 degrees so his face is framed by the snowy peaks of his wings.

“How?” Startled he brushes the thurible with just the tips of his fingers, “Oh, for crying out loud!”
“I can’t believe you fell for that!” says Julius gleefully.
“I didn’t.”
“Did! She can’t see you!”
“You’re an idiot Julius. What are we six years old?”
“I’m rubber and you are glue!” says Julius erupting into laughter again.
“I hate you. Not just Angel to Demon hate, personal burning hate,” growls Danyek.
“Super hard to be menacing with an incense burner stuck to your hand. That’s been in this church for centuries. How long to fill it back up with grace do you think?” asks Julius disappearing in a puff of smoke and sulfur.
“Asshole,” growls Danyek finally taking note of Clara again, “What are you looking at?” he snaps.
“Nothing, I’m just the honey trap.”
“But you can see me?”

Clara nods and Danyek grins.

Inspired by: Intension: 3a : what one intends to do or bring about
b : the object for which a prayer, mass, or pious act is offered. I obviously went for b.