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Clara sways on the center of the dance floor, her ankle length dress shimmering with the hedonistic beat. Thin spaghetti straps lay a path from collar bones to sharp shoulder blades that all fingers in the room itch to travel.

Julius is in the rafters trying to force himself away. He knows this is a trap of Danyek’s making. That prig wasn’t about to let the incense burner prank go, sorry, thurible, which Julius thought was a fairly good humored response to being chained to the pit of Mount Etna and roasted by lava. But you know angels, no sense of humor.

Julius watches as the crowd parts before a stranger as if a king of old. The fabric of the man’s suit absorbs the light deepening the ebony within. His hair is lacquered and reflects blue highlights in contrast to his ivory skin. His beauty takes even Julius’ breath away, which is pretty hard to do given how long he’s been around. Clara fixes her eyes on the stranger her mouth parting slightly and Julius watches every man in the room become erect. The stranger gently slides his arm around Clara’s waist, resting his hand under the sable curtain of her hair, with the other he tilts her head back baring her neck and then Julius sees the blade between the strangers’ teeth.

“No!” yells Julius.

As soon as his feet hit the floor the binding spells lock into place and the glamouring fades from the stranger revealing Danyek.

“My, my. What a bitch of a pickle you’re in. It’s your own fault really, being this easy,” he sneers.

And though Julius is of course furious, mostly with himself, what he really notices is hot desire rolling off Danyek. Actual desire, not for righteousness or the lord, but for Clara, and Julius knows there is no greater prize for his boss than another fallen angel.

“See you soon,” Julius whispers to Danyek’s back as Danyek clasps Clara close, protecting her.

Inspired by: Bitch: 3: something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant

I’m writing a lot of serial fiction these days…don’t know why, since I’m almost done with my first fantasy novel…ANYHOO, The Previous parts to this story are as follows: Careful What You Wish For (1), Morning Star (2), Rubber and Glue (3)