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The damp air blowing up from the cavern reeks of rotten leaves making Julius even crabbier then he is. And the fact that he’s waiting on an Angel isn’t helping his mood any. Danyek arrives with Clara in a flash of light that not only further irritates Julius but undoubtedly gives away their position to demons that are sure to have followed Julius. They are such a nosy lot.

“Where is it?” demands Danyek.

“Seriously? Are you taught no manners?” says Julius, exasperated but gesturing to the depths of the cavern.

“You first.”

Julius shrugs and takes the lead noticing that Danyek puts himself between him and Clara. As if Danyek has anything to worry about. The deeper they go the thicker the slime. Water oozes down the walls and up from the ground bringing with it a chalky smell of rot. This place is of a drowning death. At the bottom is a murky pool whose water is too thick with sludge to peer into.

“In there,” says Julius before Danyek can bark at him again.

“What have you done to it?”
“Nothing,” sighs Julius.

“You haven’t doctored it in any way?”


“I find that hard to believe,” says Danyek.

Julius merely shrugs again, “Believe what you will. Your call. Your chance.”

Danyek dives into the pool without a single iota of hesitation which Julius grudgingly admires.

“Why are you helping us?” finally asks Clara.

“Does it matter?”

“I suppose not.”

When Danyek emerges, vial in hand Julius decides it’s time for him to leave these two to their moment of hope. As he dissipates, Julius sees Clara drink the contents of the vial wincing as her body contorts and her bones crack rearranging themselves for wings. An angel made.

The horror on Danyek’s face marks his understanding.

When Angels are made, obedience leaves no room for love.

Julius had only promised they would be together, he just didn’t say how.


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