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Remember when the world fell down?
When the rains came and scoured the ground?
If you don’t, then heed these words,
So you don’t end up like the birds!

Would it were this was the Wizard’s land.
Where magic was easily kept in hand,
And flying monkeys and witches of the west
Were the sum total of evils best.

If you follow these rules, and remember the rhyme,
I promise to give you a slim chance of being fine.

Drip, drop, splatter and hiss,
Make for cover or feel pains kiss!

Don’t drink the water or eat from the ground,
Or be as poisoned as a hound.

Keep yourself small and hide your town,
As not to capture notice of the crown.

If the smooth and perfect ones come,
Know that it is truly time to run.
Though this world is now broken,
This is not the worst of your fears spoken.

For when the world finally fell down,
And the rains scoured the ground.
Unleashed upon us were the reapers men,
Coming from the entrance of a hidden den.

We know not from whence they came.
We only know for what they’re to blame.
They come to take you to the crown,
They come to take you from the ground.
They come to take you through the gate,
They come for your soul to take.

Though only you can choose your path,
I strongly suggest you avoid their wrath.
Should this fail, take a hike,
And claim your life with a pike.

Now I’ve done all I could,
And I truly hope it does you good.
Above all else remember this:
Despite their songs reapers bring not bliss.
Though ever so gently from the above,
They only come for all you love.

Inspired by: Write at the Merge’s smashup of:
Yurtle-the-Turtle-Puzzle“I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues.”

–Dr. Seuss, from The Lorax