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Reality and dreams blur, separated only by a spasm and jerk.

Perched on the border of genetics and instincts,

Deep sleep is rare, with one ear constantly tuned and one eye slitted.

Tightly wound, cresting on waves of uncontrollable emotions, I am labeled:

Unpredictable, emotional, angry, sweet, funny, smart, mean, stupid, furry, buddy, killer.

It’s hard to find myself when defined solely by what others think they know of me,

By only what they see.

My spirit may not loom as large or cast the same shadow of value,

(I’m not sure that god sees us lesser creatures,)

But it thumps, trembles and thrives or doesn’t, just the same.

Inspired by: IIW’s writing prompt of write a poem or 10 lines about yourself as an animal, plant or object. I am lucky enough to be one of the writing workshop leaders for the Doe Fund at our Harlem location. What you see at illuminate.ignite.write is the work that we create each week by writing, sharing and growing together.