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Ochriese is taking inventory and sorting of their stock of poisons when she hears Prima making her way down the stairs.  She wonders if this is a test and weighs the options of being ready with poison to defend herself or facing Prima calmly. She opts for continuing with her task.

“It is time,” Prima says.

Ochriese stiffens.

“I will do you the service of not lying to you. The first is always the hardest.”

“It gets easier?” asks Ochriese.

“No. But once the first one is done you will know that you can do it again. If you can. I know that we have never liked one another and I was harsh to call you an abomination when you first came to me.”

“You were just telling me the truth as you saw it. I know you think it still,” says Ochriese.

“Yes, on both accounts. But I have come to believe that you would do all in your power to serve the Foressteri, that you would never let anything happen to your sisters and in that I will place my faith,” says Prima.

“Does that mean that I am done?”

“It means that I have taught you all that I can, all that I know,” Prima says.

Ochriese smiles as she watches that lie swirl around Prima and then drift up towards the ceiling like dust riding a cobweb. Prima wants to keep some of her secrets to herself, for protection and Ochriese can understand that. She would too if she was so disliked by those more powerful than her, lucky for them both, there isn’t anyone, not that Ochriese has encountered.

“Then I thank you for all that you have taught me Prima,” says Ochriese bowing slightly at the waist. But it isn’t until she reaches the very top of the stairs that her fingers fully release their grip on the death tainted throwing knife.


Inspired by Trifectas’s prompt of the week: LUCKY (adjective)

1: having good luck
2: happening by chance : fortuitous
3: producing or resulting in good by chance : favorable