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The child prince strides between his parents with pride earned only from the first breath of his existence.  His hair has deep caramel streaks that sprout from his crown and temples, indicating Roatherian roots. Characteristics neither of the parents display marking the boy as an abomination. Ochriese grimaces knowing intimately the burden of that label.

She has been following them for days, searching for a way in. But the parents never leave the boy unattended and strangers are not welcome near their home.  Ochriese admits that this assignment has tested her considerable skills and gives thanks to Mennubios that she possessed the foresight to attempt this mission during the height of the Tide Rituals. The one time a year that the child prince is brought out to show the population that the heir apparent is alive and well.

Ochriese could have killed him with any number of long distance weapons, but she has something different, something special in mind this time which requires not only getting close to the boy but distracting those around him.

She waits on top of one of the many arches that connect the floating city of Gulleen, until the royal procession is about to pass underneath her.  Then she hooks her fingers around the silken cord of the sack sliding it open and gently tips the bag so that the money floats down like the first snowflakes of winter.  As people begin to shout, “Money is falling from the sky!” She lets the money fall more quickly, making it rain.

While everyone is scrambling in the chaos, Ochriese catapults herself next to the child Prince who turns and faces her with surprising calm.

“Come with me if you want to live,” she says.

“I do, and I’ve already said my goodbyes. I knew you would come,” he says without moving his lips.

It is then that Ochriese understands they have a great deal more in common that just being abominations.


Inspired by Trifecta’s prompt of:

rain (transitive verb)
1: to pour down
2: to give or administer abundantly <rained blows on his head>