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Sarah Myrtle sits in front of Amanda Pottle and has waist length hair usually worn in heavy double French braids. Sarah likes to lift them and flop them down on Amanda’s desk.

Every. Single. Day.

Several times a day.

If Sarah is trying to get someone’s attention they sweep across Amanda’s desk, knocking her supplies around and the teacher never says anything, it’s as if Amanda is invisible.

But the day has finally come that Amanda has been waiting for, Sarah is wearing her hair down.

During recess Amanda sits by herself and chews an entire pack of Bubble Yum just until the pieces are soft and glistening with sugar and then rewraps the pieces loosely. Right after the bell, Amanda takes her seat and waits. As Sarah begins to sit lifting her hair, Amanda quickly dots the tops of her desk with the still sticky and moist gum and leans back as the cascade of Sarah’s hair tumbles down. Amanda watches Sarah’s long strands wrap tighter and tighter around each piece of gum with every move Sarah makes and grins.

Everyone knows that there is only one way to get gum out.


Inspired but Write at the Merge’s prompt of: Bubble Gum.