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It isn’t quite what Linda had thought it would be like, what any of them thought it would be like. Although, there wasn’t any previous scientific information to base their opinions on, especially since the scientists aren’t even sure what started the change. The half-myths based on the West African religion that had trickled its way into the United States consciousness via New Orleans didn’t have a lot of answers to provide, at least not by the time people had gone looking and all the zombie TV shows, books and movies amounted to nothing. Accidentally some of these sources had gotten certain facts right, but that’s the same as the monkey thing with the typewriters and Shakespeare.

No, this current state that Linda found herself in was a far slower death, and the creatures they were becoming were a lesser threat than imagined. Sure, there was hunger, but not for human flesh and she was slowly becoming one of the ‘living dead,’ an phrase that still made her snarl, like ‘functional alcoholic.’ The real loss was knowing that you were losing pieces of yourself each passing day. It was horrific for Linda to imagine her body ambling on without her once the fabric that made her frayed its final time leaving not even the threads. So, she had made a vow that while she ‘lived’ she was going to take full advantage of what was left of the world.

The chalk board out front of the bar advertising ½ price Zombies for actual Zombies was too good to pass up, besides she was running low on cash. Linda wasn’t sure what was in the drink, she thought that she remembered it being super sweet, something she would never have drunk before, but fuck it, what was the worst it was going to do? Kill her?


Inspired by Trifecta’s word of the week ( I LOVE OCTOBER!!)