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Just before I perish on the battlefield of this life,

this life where among the splinters of our broken power,

we are burned and stabbed,

shot and sold.

This world where sex is a mans right and not a sacred gift.

Where good men do nothing.

When Morrigan flanked by Valkyries reaches

to take me home

to the flowering gardens in Babylon,

I will kneel before the goddesses that have gone before.

And when, Minerva and Freya,

Ceridwen and Kali

and Bast,

touch my shoulders,

I will know that this life,

on this earth

was worth living after all.


I chose Babylon the first definition.

And for those who are curious:

Morrigan: (Celtic) Goddess associated with war and death on the battlefield. She was the queen of phantoms, demons, shapeshifters and the patroness of priestesses and witches. Her name means great queen.

Valkeries: (Nordic) Chose who died on the battlefield and brought the souls of the chosen to Valhalla.

Minerva (Roman) Goddess of wisdom, medicine and craft.

Freya: (Nordic) Goddess of love beauty, fertility, war, wealth, divination and magic.

Ceridwen: (Celtic) Goddess of moon, magic, nature, language art, science an astrology.

Kali: (Hindu) The dark mother. Associated with empowerment, time and change.

Bast: (Egyptian) Famous cat/sun goddess who protected pregnant women and children. She was a wild goddess whose wrath was as legendary as her protection.