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When young she had longed for one even though she knew she was singular. She couldn’t help hoping. She thought that she had found it in Stonarlim, the young princeling she has been sent to kill, a child labeled abomination for many of the same reasons she too had been branded. This had seemed a thread of fate to her younger self, but where she had seen a thread only coincidence had existed. She wrapped her power and loneliness around her limbs like armor, hiding her heart.

Then she thought she had found it in the delicate but powerful Crosyl, a butterfly with teeth. Crosyl, warrior of the light, the girl she had mistakenly thought needed her protection when they were young. But the Gods had plans for Crosyl making her a companion knitted so close to her soul that their mutual survival depended on each other.

She knew love would deny her and she hoped nonetheless. When she travelled the fire lands for aid in this very war, she searched too for the one spirit who would see in her more than the powerful leader of the Foressteri. None came and she wrapped her loneliness and power tighter.

The sharp smell of ozone thickens around her, shaking her free of these foolish thoughts and she focuses her sight on her dark half-sister, whose power is as terrible and wonderful as her own. Her heart fills with sorrow, for there across the this battleground is the one thing she has prayed for, whispering into the darkest shadows of night. Those whispers must have taken seed, growing her dark sister, for in her is the only true companion that she will ever have, and Ochriese must kill her, must lose her if millions of others are to live.

Finally she understands the depth of these Gods’ cruelty. She understands the truth in tales of old and she recognizes her armor will not protect her this time.


Inspired by Trifecta’s Word of the week:

1:  one that accompanies another :  comrade, associate; also:  one that keeps company with another
2obsolete :  rascal