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Though those who stood on the mountain top with Nivin when she channeled the power of twenty Queens would swear that they had seen her reach with amethyst talon-tipped hands and pluck the sun from the sky holding it in her hand diminished, no larger than snow globe.  They would be wrong. She had in fact merely released the shadows, the dras, and the creatures within from their imprisonment allowing them to race free over the surface and through the air of the world.

As she now stands gazing up at the noir velvet sky tacked with stars that shimmer brighter than diamonds she thinks that the indigo iris that now surrounds the sun is the hue of deliverance, of victory. Too long the creatures of the dras lived on the scraps of the world, but no more and to hear her children laughing, snarling, purring with the joy of knowing the night is long allows her to ride the elation of dreams made real.

under the iridescence
of a newly crafted moon
dreams walk on starlight


So after a few nudges I decided to try the Ligo Haibun Challange. And as I was finishing up I thought to myself, I hope I got this right, at least in form. Well, then taking a closer look I see that Haibun’s are not normally short stories, which is of course what I did for my first one.

Fine print. Whoops.